About Station 211

Any rewarding endeavor requires persistence, consistency and adaptability; values of which are difficult to endorse while working from your humble bedroom, a loud coffee shop or quiet library. It is important for business professionals to immerse themselves in a creative and compelling atmosphere — which is exactly what Station 211 aims to facilitate in Somerset Kentucky. Station 211 is a community of inspired individuals working, learning, and pursuing passions together. Station 211 is a coworking space located in downtown Somerset, KY. Coworking is a style of work that involves a shared working environment, open work area, reserved desk or office. Unlike in a typical office environment, those coworking are usually not employed by the same organization, thus providing a large amount of synergy to take place among the group. We provide the perfect atmosphere for you to be highly productive, actively inspired, and placed alongside likeminded individuals. Learn more here!



Station 211 offers four membership levels: Network, Hotdesk, Reserved Desk, and Private office each offering different privileges. These membership levels and privileges are outlined on the "Membership" page. Anyone working at Station 211 has access to the following: Coffee/tea, Bottled Water, Printing & Copying, Mailing Address, WiFi, Full Kitchen, Eating Area, lounge area with T.V.’s, Locally Built Desks & Tables, 24/7 Security w/ Cameras & Access Control System, Free Parking, Meeting Room Access, and Free Member Events.


Target Market

We have no specific agenda when it comes to who is utilizing our space. As a company, we primarily endorse individuals who are highly motivated and inspired to create. The most valuable feature Station 211 offers is the creative atmosphere established by our members. If this doesn't make any sense, come by and see what we're talking about!